The similarities between football and our business. 

 February 11, 2022

By  admin


As we head in to the super bowl weekend.

The similarities between football & our business.

Training, trading & acquiring players (team building), playoffs, super bowl=(rings, trophy, recognition). Repeat.

Our Business:
Trainings, team building, workshops, conference=(rings, trophy, recognition, etc..) Repeat.

In football when teams/players get knocked down, injured, eliminated, etc. & with proper coaching, therapy, medical treatment & they get back up & they recover and resume.

In our business when people get knocked down, rejected, doubt, fear, dream stealers, lose a client, lose a business partner. With coaching and guidance they recover and resume.

Most people have settled for comfort and are so consumed on watching other people’s lives &
say things like “we are going to win the game this weekend” or we’ve made it to the championship, “we made it to the super bowl, we made this field goal, we made this touch down” etc. But they forget to root for themselves and their own dreams.

What did “YOU” really win? Stop watching from the sidelines and get in the game!

Enjoy the weekend my friends, lets get excited for our own super bowl!


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